Virtual Tourism

Walk around with our 360° scanning device and create Holographic Tours of real-world places. Holographic Tours can then be replayed on our Hologram Wall. With a normal video, a person can only watch – they have no control over direction and can only see what the video was recorded to show them. Our Holographic Tours are interactive – the user has a controller in their hand and can choose the paths they go down – they aren’t limited to a single track and can freely explore the Tour!

Tourism of the Future

Our Hologram Tours enable users to visit anywhere in the world, from the Pyramids to Niagara Falls. Viewers can freely explore historical landmarks or cultural sites, for the purpose of education or tourism. 

It is also an excellent way for the elderly or disabled to visit the world. By simply walking around an area with our 360° scanning device, the environment will be captured ready for processing and viewing in unmatched quality, including the wildlife, people and objects from the time you scanned.

Unbelievable Quality

When a person views a photograph, there is no sense of depth. It is a challenge to show the user just how big or magnificent an object truly is. With Euclideon Holographics’ Tour technology, the device projects the world with real depth instead of a flat image.

A Holographic Tour looks like a hole in the wall to the real-world place that you scanned in. Our holographic tours are recorded at 8k for each eye (double-8K) providing unmatched definition and realism in your Presentations and Tours.

Recommended Devices