Need a modern solution to show off your products? Our Hologram Devices offer a unique solution to presenting your range in an interesting and engaging way. Our technology will allow your customers to walk around, investigate and manipulate your products floating in thin air. Utilise our configurability features or build interactive experiences around your products to make a customer’s experience memorable and impress your clientele.

Digital Catalogue

Floor space is at a premium & digitizing your product catalogue has huge advantages. 

With our solution not only will you be able to use a single space to show your entire product offering, you will be able to take your entire range to your next conference and show it in style. 

Your products can be shown as holograms by using existing 3D models or captured using photogrammetry.

Product Visualisation

Having a holographic medium to work with allows your company and our clients to view your products in their intended environments without leaving the room. This brings invaluable context to the sales process. 

Using a digitized product means you aren’t limited to showing off the whole product – you could also have a catalogue of parts and accessories to go along with them.

Recommended Devices