Interrogating past skirmishes or creating battle plans in a 3D context over real-world scans provides a level of understanding that a 2D screen cannot match. Collaborate around our Hologram Table for a Commander’s view, or see the battle from an infantry units’ boots in the Hologram Room. Our Hologram Devices can be linked together to allow multi-domain operation planning and review in real-time and in comprehensive 3D without wearing bulky headsets.

Advanced Training

Training using Hologram mediums has proven to be a great way to improve comprehension and understanding over standard methods. 

Users can experience true scale and proportions as they learn key skills. Training simulations can be connected with existing reporting systems to gauge how cognition and response proves over time using our powerful API and scripting tools.

A Drone’s Eye View

Use our powerful Unlimited Detail rendering technology in your operations to view real-world scan data like never before. 

Instantly stream of 1000’s of Gigabytes of data from drones or other scan sources as you combine Laser-scan data with aerial photogrammetry assets to create a detailed and rich terrain for operation planning. Use this data as a backdrop for offline or real-time operations as you interact with the system to accomplish results, accurately & efficiently.

Recommended Devices