A Hologram Wall is a device that makes what appears to be a “window” or “portal” that pushes into a wall. It also makes holograms that extend out from the wall and into the room.

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The Hologram Wall has two main modes. The first allows a person to set up holographic projects for numerous industries. These projects can have animation and interactivity and they can be used in many different ways.For example, you may make a menu of hologram food, a simulation of safety and training, and an architectural presentation of a building that does not exist.The second mode is for replacing holographic tours of real places.

Device Dimensions

The Hologram Wall requires a white or grey wall that should be at least 3.6m long by 2m high.
You can purchase the device in one of two forms. 

Wall-Mounted: The HoloTable is 2.1m (6.8ft) by 2.1m, with a height of 61.5cm (2ft). The screen is 1.2m (3.9ft) by 1.2m. However, we recommend a minimum floor space of 3mx3m (9.8ft) to comfortably use the Hologram Business Table. 

Floor-Mounted: The floor mounted device is portable and the top of the projection reaches 2.2m. 

Special Features

The hologram wall also has a portable form that can be packed into two wheeled suitcases. This allows you to bring your presentations to clients further abroad.The total weight is 35kg and one person can handle traveling with both cases.

You can purchase a hologram wall as well as a portable frame – the components of the wall are transferable from one to the other.

For trade shows we also sell large portable rooms – for a large scale alternative take a look at the HoloRoom .

Number of Users

If people are close to the holograms (IE within 1m), only one person can see them effectively at one time. Other people can still see the hologram but it will appear to bend slightly. This is likely to occur when closely inspecting museum artefacts, hologram food from a menu, or other single-object displays.

Alternatively, if your audience are more than 3m away you can have up to 30 viewers. An example of this will be large scale presentations or scans, where the hologram wall functions more like a window to the outside world.

Holographic Tours can also take up to 30 viewers, however all viewers must be more than 3m from the device.

Device Comparison

The Hologram Wall is the only device that can run holographic tours of real-world locations. For architectural designs it is cheaper than full-scale hologram rooms. It is preferable for displaying single objects like artefacts, food or products. Laser projection also provides a richer color than some of our other devices.

Creating New Content

The product comes with software that will allow you to make 3D holograms of small, real-world objects like historical artefacts. You can upload your own 3D models to the device and prepare presentations with them. You can also convert and upload laser scans, point cloud models, and polygon models from most formats.

You also receive software for your PC that will help you make your content and presentations.

Alternatively, Euclideon Holographics also supplies a cost-effective service to create content for you and your business.