Conferences can put holograms on stage. These do not require the audience to wear any glasses to see.

Stage Holograms are not true holograms, because you cannot walk around them to see every angle.

They are still, however, very impressive as a form of 3D presentation!

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Stage Hologram Superiority

When others make these sort of stage holograms they normally look very flat, yet Euclideon’s holograms appear to look like real, large floating objects. The reason for this is because other companies are simply putting a project onto a flat silk screen and so their projections look flat. Euclideon Holographics uses a new patented technology that makes the objects appear to be 2.5m thick.

This technology is best described as follows:
“Normally people use the trigonometry of their two eyes to determine depth, but from more than 3 metres away the human brain prefers to determine an objects shape and dimensions based on how light and shadows curve across the object. By artificially projecting alternate moving light fields across the object the human brain will map a 2d object according to the 3dinesions that the software provides.”

Using this technology makes a very big difference.

Uses of the HoloStage

Presentations can have hologram people, or large rotating hologram objects. These can run one after another, or can be set to be run like a powerpoint presentation or slideshow. This way, a speaker at a conference can move along when they are ready to move on to the next subject.Alternatively, these can be used in impressive dances or performances. Sometimes they can be used for advertising, given a dark enough environment!

Device Dimensions

The standard standalone version of this is a booth, measuring 4m (13.1ft) wide by 2m (6.5ft) deep. It is 2.5m (8.2ft) tall.However, custom-built versions can be made for any size up to 5m high by 10m wide, and can be built directly onto existing stages!

Special Features

There is a red and blue glasses option that gives an even more impressive 3D effect that will make objects appear to float down to each individual user and be within touching range.We also have a new technology where real people can be made into holograms. A special technology is applied to these people so that their characters appear to be facing and talking directly to each member of the audience. This is an amazing effect.


Holograms appear to float in the air, and the projection appears to be around 3m thick.

Number of Users

Stage Holograms do not require glasses and therefore support an infinite number of viewers.

Device Comparison

For advertising, conferences or performances, this is the best technology.It can also be used to make impressive showrooms

Creating New Content

Our Present Creator software will allow you to make anything you can think of.