A Hologram Room is a large room/box made of a metal frame and fabric. Inside the rooms are projectors and tracking equipment that project objects inside that appear to be floating in the air. The Hologram Room’s walls make the space look much bigger on the inside as it appears the walls turn invisible so that it looks like you are in a large open space.

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Uses of the HoloRoom

The Hologram Room is used to show large-scale plans or CAD models at life size. You can have a hologram of a car or building, or a design of an aircraft. Users can travel around the environment with the use of a control wand.

Device Dimensions

The front of the Hologram Room is 5m (16.4ft) wide, and it extends back 4.5m (13.1ft). It is 2.9m (9.5ft) tall.

HoloRoom Projection

Hologram projections fill most of the room. The projection area is a trapezium that is 2m by 5m. Within this space, objects float freely in the air.

Number of Users

When holograms are inside the room only one person can see them accurately at at time. To other users the holograms will appear to bend.However, when the projections are based on the wall then the room will take up to eight users simultaneously.

Device Comparison

The Hologram Room is one of the more impressive devices because it can produce the largest holograms. It is most valuable for showing life-sized recreations or playing games. For city planning or developments, a Hologram Table may be preferable as it offers the best top-down perspective. A Hologram Wall is more portable device and might be better suited for taking to trade shows.

Creating New Content

The product comes with software that will allow you to make 3D holograms of small, real-world objects like historical artefacts. You can upload your own 3D models to the device and prepare presentations with them. You can also convert and upload laser scans, point cloud models, and polygon models from most formats.

You also receive software for your PC that will help you make your content and presentations.

Alternatively, Euclideon Holographics also supplies a cost-effective service to create content for you and your business.