We know that the future is going to be filled with holographic technology and our Hologram Devices are an extraordinary new interactive medium for education. Whether it is exploring the solar system, going back in time to see the dinosaurs, displaying ancient relics and artifacts or creating your own presentations, our devices offer unparalleled experiences when used for educational purposes.

Content Creation

Real-world objects can be copied using our supplied Photogrammetry software. Using this process, objects brought into the classroom can be copied into holographic form, allowing students to learn new workflows and concepts about digitizing the real world. 

Build new content by piecing together photogrammetised assets, CAD models or other polygon data in our beginner-friendly tools, and create engaging content to share with your classroom.

In The Classroom

Our range of devices can be used to deliver content to entire classes or single students. The holographic medium has proven to be very engaging for learning. 2D videos and PowerPoint slides can be unappealing and uninteresting for young minds – learning in an interactive 3D environment is both more exciting and better retained.

Recommended Devices