Euclideon Holographics Middle East (ME) is the distributor arm of Euclideon based in Brisbane, Australia, a world leader in Holographic technology. Euclideon holographics now present in 8 countries.

We have created some of the world’s most advanced technology in this field to cater for numerous use cases across many different industries.

Our technology is also used in various hologram arcades around the world. Branded as Holoverse, these centres allow the public to enjoy the hologram devices we have created for the purposes of entertainment.

Our Team

Bruce Dell
Founder & CEO 
(Euclideon Holographics)

Himansu Mohapatra
General Manager
Avik Kumar
Head of Retail & Hospitality
Satyabrata Acharya
B2B Business Head
Ahmed Al-Maawali
Maintenance & Support Head
Karim Samad
Maintenance & Support
Asst. Head